Monday, March 2, 2009

Journal question 6

This time, I want to talk about my best memory in CESL. I have been to CESL more than one year. Actually, everything in CESL is my best memory. Because, I had never thought that I could talk with other country's people. But, now, I can talk with international students, even I cannot speak much. It always gives something special power to my American life.However, If I have to choose one special memory, it would be meeting friends.When I came here, I thought that here is not good friends, and I would not make friends. In addition, I never talked with other country's people for 3months in the U.S., because I thought we are totally different such as appear, personality, and language. But, some friends paid attention to me first, so I made lots of good friends. Some of them still are here, and some of them stayed for one term and some people left after teaching a lot of things to me. It changed my mind and personality. Even though, all of us have our own jobs, and have to go back to our own life, all we are friends. I thought CESL is just language school, but it is not. CESL gives good experience in my life. I recognize there are so many people who can be good friends in the world. Now, it is reason why I am here. And, I hope that I make more friends here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Journal Question 5

This time, I want to talk about my experience that I felt nervous. When I was high school student, I always practiced Judo, Japanese martial art. I woke up at 5 o'clock everyday, and I practiced whole day. I spent my time for doing Judo even I felt sick. One day, i heared that there is Korean national Judo match after 6 months. It is very famous to Judo player. And it is dream to them joining the game because it is verry difficult joining the game even very few Judo player can join the game. After I heared that I am the one who can join the game, i practiced more and more, and I tried to control my weight for 6 months. My friends and family cheered me up. I was surprised because it was first time my parents cheered me up. I did not know my parents like and paid attention to me through Judo, so I still like Judo. One day before Judo match, I could not sleep. I felt first this kind of feeling. I was nervous, and my hands were shaken themselves. Anyone know this kind of feeling if they have never been to match, especially national match. There are many kinds of Judo matches in Korea, but it is the biggest that I joined. There were so many Judo players. Eventualy, I won 6 games, but I lost at 7th game. My last score was 6th in -81kg group of this game. It means I was 6th in the -81kg group in Korea. Even though I could not the first one, it was valuable experience. Sometime, when I look back on this time, my heart beats quickly. I will never forget this kind of feeling, and I cannot feel this feeling again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Journal Question 4

Korea also has Valentine's day. 
It's very popular between men and women, especially couples. This time, many couples show their mind to lovers especially women. 
Because, in Korea, women give chocolate to lovers at Valentine's day. 
This day is good for women who have lovers. 
But, sometime, it is difficult to women because showing mind to lover is difficult to women. But, if women show their mind, they can catch lovers. 
And, they can get candy on White day. Korea has White day like Valentine's day, but this day, men give candy to women, and men show their mind to lovers. White day is next month of Valentine's day. 
Also, this day, many people who didn't get candy or chocolate eat food or drink together. So, every single people dislike Valentine's day and White day. 
Korea has many kinds of day for love. 
There are kiss day, rose day, and ring and necklace day. At Kiss day, many couples go to some special place, and if many couples come there, there is no light. 
And, many couples kiss with their lovers. 
I have never been there, but I hope go there. ^^. 
And, at rose day and ring and necklace day, couples give presents such as roses and jewellery to lovers. 
At this kind of day, Korean always be with their boy or girl friends even at Christmas, while American be with thier family. Every country and culture has difference, but this kind of holiday is good for love. 
So, Find lover! And show your mind!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Journal Question 3

I want to talk about funny story in the United States. Now, I have lived in the United states for one year. When I came in the United States, there is nothing to do myself.
I could not count money and could not say anything, because I came here after Finishing military service and had not studied. I had an idea coming to United States from I was middle school student. But, I thought that "my life will be started When I get there." It was my big mistake. If I studied English from that time, I was already university student. I have lots of happenings about the United States. Before coming to the United States, my uncle said "fallow many people, Don't miss line." But, I missed my line because of restroom. So, It took so long time finding my bags. And, when I passed the door, A woman needed my thumbprint. I guess she said " put your thumb on the scanner". But, I could not nderstand. She said again and again. But, I could not understand. Eventually, she caught my thumb and copied my thumbprint herself. And, I said sorry and smile. After that, I wanted to get some drink, so I chose one bottle of coke. A salesperson said something, but I could not understand. So, I put $10, $5 and $1 on my hands, and then he counted coke price. Other story is when I was in the class. I think it was GE1 class. I said something to teacher, but teacher could not understand, so the teacher said, "Say that again?" So, I said "Again" very confident. At that time, my classmates laugh, but I do not know Why they laugh. Now, I know why they laugh. Funny stories makes people happy, when they hard to work. In my case, When I study and feel tired and bored, I always think about my funny stories. It gives energy to me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Journal Question 2

I want to talk about Korean's personality because many people who are from other country misunderstand Korean's character. Korea is wonderful country, and people who live in Korea are also wonderful. They have positive mind, good patriotism, and etiquette. But, Americans do not think like that. They think Korean have negative mind, hasty personality, and selfish character. It is not true, and it is just few people. Some people who have weird personality have been shown American, so American believes that they show. Because of the reason, many other country's people dislike become friends with Koreans, but Koreans can be a good friends. If American or people who come from other country get Korean friends, the Korean friends would believe and trust them anytime. In Korea, there is a lot of word about friends. It means, from long time ago, many Korean have thought that friends are important. So, Korean has tried to be friendly. Also, Korean would like to help other people even they have helped animal. For example, Korean ancient did farming to survive. When they harvested, they left a last harvest on top of the tree for animals. And, Korean can respect their elders. In Korea, there are many things for elders such as seats, lines, and service groups. In addition, when Korean take a bus and subway, eat some food or walk on the load with elders, elders must be first. Korean's personality is from their ancient. Nowadays, through development of transportation and communication, everyone can see Korean's life easily. There is much information that some are correct and some are wrong. But, the most important thing is experience that meet Korean personally. If you have negative sight about Korean, your mind would be changed.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Journal Question 1

There are lots og great people in my country and in the world. They might be models of the most people. Everybody is influenced by someone such as fathers, friends, and their own heros. In my case, I have been influenced by a famous captain of Korea called Kim, Yu-sin. Most of Korean have heard about his name or his story more than once. He always decided his decisions strongly even he cut his most favorite horse's neck. That is why I have been influenced by him. At that time, Horses are very important thing for human. There is no one who can throw something important, but He did for his strong decision because the horse broke his decision. Also, He was good captain and controled his subordinates very well. He won in the war every time, and all subordinates follow him. It is also difficult that people make others following them.
When I was young, I was irresolute. I was changed after reading his story. He is less famous than other korean captain or heros, but his sprit and patriotism is the best. He did not take care of his life because he thought that He was only for country. Doing something for own coutry is good for people's pride. He have been fogotten by Korean more and more, because many new heros are coming every year in Korea. Even though all Korean forget him, I will rememver forever him. He is my hero, and he changed my weak mind and my life. Because of him, I can get my apearance of the present.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Journal Question 6

My favorite word is "Don't worry, be happy." When I hear the word, My feeling was not getting better. But, I thought about the word myself. It gave brave to me. Actually, everytime I have had worry about something more than other people because my life was not easy. I always made some problems. But, my friends and family didn't make me disappointed. They always say to me the word. So, I don't forget the word when I feel bad and sad, and I get discouraged. Also, I say to other people when they feel like me. This word gives courage and hope to everybody. If people who feel bad or sad, or worry about something, you can just say " don't worry, be happy," to other people. It will come to you when you feel really hard in your mind.